Best Brushes for Painting Miniatures & Wargames Models

These sable brushes are some of the best watercolour brushes at a reasonable price. These can be used for most art such as watercolour brush art and miniature painting.

Whatever the task you will find a paint brush set that will suit you and your needs. They range from different sizes from detail paint brushes, flat brush. oil brush, fan brush, small paint brushes and just paintbrushes! I could go on!

I would definitely go for mid range to high end as to cheap paint brushes . It's good to invest in good tools if you are serious about painting. These brushes are acrylic paint brushes and are some of the best acrylic paint brushes around. I hope you find these reviews useful.


Winsor & Newton

Series 7 Brush Set


First thoughts were Windsor & Newton (enough said). Possibly the best model brushes in the world? The points on these are fantastic so you can use a brush several sizes larger than you expect for a given level of detail. Feel good in the hands.

They are an excellent choice of brushes but price wise they are steep. Though it’s always good to have the right tools for the job! Worth the investment.

Overall Great brushes, they are very thin. Great for miniatures.